We Are Ready For You!

Nearly a year from the day we incorporated, we are ready for you to become an owner!  Granite City Grocery organizers have taken a big and bold next step - a new and improved website that allows you to become an owner! It's easy, fast, and secure!


After hours of hard work put in by our IT volunteer and board member Chris Riddell, we now have a dynamic and interactive website.  Our website uses the Nationbuilder platform, a web-based site and client management tool that many food co-ops are beginning to use nationwide to help organizers reach out, build, and develop relationships with their owners and the wider public. Nationbuilder not only offers us greater efficiency but a whole lot more fun!

Most importantly for us at this time, this new website allows you to become an owner.  It's easy, fast, and secure for you.  And, it allows us to collect and manage all of the information we need in order to responsibly manage and grow our ownership base. 

Here are some of the highlights of our new website including the online owner form:

  • create a public profile on our website which enables you to connect with other GCG owners independent of other social media
  • sign-in with Facebook account if you like; our website will then connect you automatically with all of your Facebook friends who are signed up with our website.
  • comment on any of the website's pages; we want your feedback and participation!
  • fill in the easy online form and become an owner quickly and without printing and paper!
  • choose whichever payment method works for you - payment in full or monthly payments
  • opt in for automatic withdrawal from your bank; no need to remember when and where to send in your monthly payment
  • pay for your owner share securely using a credit card ($8 processing fee does apply)
  • find out what's going on and how to get involved through our "events" page where you can sign up for volunteer opportunities and even shifts for tabling!

We think the new website is pretty amazing.  We've only begun to dive into the details and expect to add more features to keep you informed and updated and to support your needs and interests as a GCG owner. 

Take the first step.  If you do nothing else today, consider setting up your profile on our website.  Regardless of whether you are an owner, pledge or not, stay connected.  We can build this grocery store but only if we come together to do it.  This is the first step of many!

As always, if you have any questions, give us a ring at 802/279-7518 or email at [email protected]



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