Volunteer Opportunities This Fall


Over the next two months, Granite City Grocery will have a substantial number of volunteer opportunities - these are all fun and great ways to get involved with the organization!  As a volunteer you get the joy and satisfaction of knowing you are helping to strengthen and grow this co-operative!  And, ultimately, your efforts will bring us closer to having a retail store!

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these opportunities, please email us at [email protected] We are looking to gather with you and other volunteers sometime in early October to do a volunteer orientation!

Here are some specific volunteer opportunities on our list to whet your appetite!

  • help table at Barre Opera House Celebration Series concerts (sorry, this doesn't include free tickets to the shows...wish it did!) as soon as October 4th
  • help table at the Taste of Home Show - October 5th
  • help organize, setup and staff our special Coop Month event - free dinner and screening of hunger documentary "A Place at the Table" the evening of Tuesday, October 22nd at the Old Labor Hall
  • cook and bring a soup to share for the above mentioned event
  • help organize, setup and staff our Annual Meeting which is scheduled for the evening of Friday, November 15th (must be an owner - paid first payment plus completed an owner agreement for this) - location to be determined, but likely downtown.
  • staff any GCG table that we might have for the Barre Merry Holiday event - Saturday, November 30th.
  • help organize, setup and staff our booth a the Barre Holiday Farmer's Market - December 6th from 3 to 7 pm at the Old Labor Hall.
  • participate in our Own It campaign - film a 60-second testimonial with CVTV/Videovision (must be an owner for this)
  • write a letter to the editor in support of becoming an owner! (of course, you have to be an owner for this!)


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