They Are Rolling In!

That's right!  Pledges are coming forward to make good on their promise to become owners!  


Read on for the list of the most recent owners (through midnight August 5th) and read here for our first 60 or so.  You might not see your name if you mailed your owner agreement within the last several days or if you sent in a check but no owner agreement (the owner agreement tells us whether we can list your name!).  But, don't worry, as soon as we get your owner agreement we'll list you!

What's your reason for becoming an owner?  We're also collecting pictures of owners with their families and a sign stating the reason they became an owner.  Tell your story to help us tell ours! 

Welcome to the households of:

Aaron Marcus
Adria Halstead-Johnson
Baron Wormser
Beth Campo
Beth Johns
Carl Hilton VanOsdall
Carol Ellison
Cecile Green
Charlene Rinker
Christine Litchfield
Christine Parker
Deborah Lefebvre
Debra Ricker
Elaine Owen
Georgia Landau
Grace Gilbert
James Burrows
Jennifer Underwood
Jesse Carpenter
Joanie Metcalf
John Santorello
Judith Maher
Kara Fassett
Ken Berlin
Kris Cecchini
Laura Moore
Lila Rees
Linda Couture
Lisa Jones
Marianne Kotch
Mitchell Jay
Nancy Read
Paul Cook
Paul Dickinson
Paul Giacherio
Phil Gentile
Philip Cecchini
Randy Rouleau
Richard Beun
Robert Nelson
Sarah Costa
Sarah O'Brien
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Somerville
Terri Jordan
Tina Densmore
Valerie DeForge
Vicki Langevin
Vicky Abare



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