The Power of Hope (and Being Present)

Terri Jordan, an owner and active volunteer with GCG, shares her thoughts from this past week's Farmer's Market table.  GCG is there every week to greet you, answer questions, and even accept your owner agreement and payments!

Thoughts from the Farmers’ Market - Wed., August 21

I happily table for Granite City Grocery at Barre City’s Farmer Market, most Wednesdays. From 3:00-6:30 is a pretty good chunk of time.  Some weeks go quicker than others – meaning there’s more interaction with peeps at the market.  This week was dragging a bit; just not as many visitors to market as in the past few weeks.  All-in-all, it was a beautiful day.  But, I was getting bored, antsy…wanted someone to tell about this great endeavor we’re involved with – bringing this food cooperative to downtown Barre.  And I was thinking it wasn’t worth being here, for this many hours; I was beginning to have negative thoughts, which is never a good thing for a practicing Buddhist.  So - just as I am giving up hope of this being a productive event, people start showing up at the GCG table.  One farmer, who’s at the market each week, became a fully paid Member-Owner!! And another Farmers’ Market tabler paid her first payment to become a Member-Owner.  All happening in the last hour of the market!!

Hope.  One should never give up hope. And the realization that things take time.  As Dan Stein and Nick Landry, younger members of GCG’s Outreach Committee, say to me, “Being here and present is a good thing.”  Sometimes I hate it when the youngers are right but not on this day; I’m glad they’re right.  Hope.  And the power of being present…

Terri Jordan, Barre Town Resident and PROUD paid Owner of GCG!


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