The May Update

Granite City Grocery is in full swing with our Spring Owner Recruitment Campaign.  And, there's a lot more than that underway!  Check out our May Update!

2014 Budget Approved At it's April meeting, the GCG board approved it's FY2014 budget (April 1 - Mar 31) which includes funds for a contracted Owner Outreach Coordinator, outreach and owner events, and basic expenses and materials like flyers, lawn signs, and rack cards that will be available downtown.

June 2014 Annual Meeting Planned Per our bylaws, GCG must have an annual meeting within 90 days of the end of its fiscal year.  We're aiming for the end of June with food, entertainment, and camaraderie!  Site and date soon to be announced!  Remember, no elections this year - just an update and fun!  Interested in helping out?  Click here.

Upcoming Outreach Events GCG's Membership Development and Outreach Committee is planning several outreach events for the rest of the year including a community dinner at Highgate, organizing and staffing the Barre Ethnic Food Tent at the Heritage Festival, a summer Ice Cream Social at the Concerts in the Park, the Eat Local BBQ in September, and a Co-op Month fundraiser in October.  This is all on top of summer tabling at the Barre Farmer's Market this year.  If you are interested in getting involved, click here.  Why do we put so much effort into events?  It's the one way that people come together to experience the energy of a co-op, learn about what we are doing, and develop relationships.  From the very beginning, we've always known that our co-op would be as strong as the relationships that it is founded on.

Site Analysis  The Site Analysis Committee has re-formed and is currently looking at three top sites, identifying their strengths and weaknesses.  This Committee will move into high gear once we reach 800 owners.

Finance & Fundraising  This Committee is newly formed and is the home for our budgeting process and our pro forma financials. They are also meeting with various nonprofit and government funders to lay the groundwork for our future capitalization needs.


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