The End of Farmer's Market

images.jpgGCG Volunteer Terri Jordan shares her 'thoughts from Farmers' Market'.  The last one of the year!  Thank you to all of the volunteers who have made this outreach effort possible:  Gayle Poinsette, Linda Seel, Terri Jordan, Nick Landry, Chris Riddell, Phil Gentile, Dan Stein, Sherry Rhynard, and Peter Anthony!

Last week, October 9, was the last Farmers’ Market in Barre’s City Hall Park for the 2013 season. Granite City Grocery/GCG was there. GCG volunteers should be proud for making the summer-long effort to be present and vocal about our endeavor.

As always, people stopped by to ask where we are in the process, inquire about becoming members, and one long-time Barrite/Barresian challenged me as to why HE should become a paid member of Granite City Grocery. I must have done a pretty good job of relaying the positives of a member-owned, retail grocery store that will focus on affordable, local, healthy foods because he walked away smiling and saying he was pretty sure he’d join, ‘soon’.  If we aren’t present at community events we cant have these on-going conversations; we cant remind people that GCG is STILL a work in progress with a committed group of volunteers still working to make this dream a reality.

The Barre Opera House (BOH) is allowing us to table at some of its shows; 2 weeks ago Wally Roberts and I tabled at the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band show. Dan Casey, Executive Director of the BOH, asked me, as we were setting up in the upstairs lobby, ‘How do you do this? You don’t tackle anyone, do you?’ I giggled and let him know we let folks come to us and then we share info, answer questions, take names and contact info, if they wish, but no “tackling”. The fact that the Opera House will allow us to be present in their venue speaks to how valued this project, GCG, is to others in our community.

A downtown grocery cooperative is going to benefit so many of us, it’s almost a “duh”. But, I am aware that not everyone can or will commit time or resources to the cause. However, if you’d like to become more involved as a volunteer, think about tabling at the BOH (it’s safe, climate-controlled, and an easier set-up than the Farmers’ Market!). Just get in touch with Emily Kaminsky, our Chairwoman. Her contact info is on this website! And remember what I learned from Dan Stein and Nick Landry early on this summer, ‘we gotta be present in the community’ if we’re gonna grow…Grow into that beautiful Granite City Grocery we all envision!


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