Ten Reasons GCG Counts in our Community!

Here are Ten Reasons Why Granite City Grocery Counts in our community!

food.jpgREASON #1:  Food is an essential need and central point of our lives and wellbeing. Everyone deserves uninterrupted access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. GCG will feature affordable fresh organic and conventional produce, a large bulk food section, and other products. Owner specials, programs for SNAP participants and bulk ordering make food affordable.

07spring_fig5.jpgREASON #2: In downtown Barre healthy food is often absent, unaffordable or intermittent (seasonal). Farmers who do the hard work of growing food have trouble making a living. GCG will serve as a center of commerce, where a variety of fresh and delicious food will be available via partnerships with food hubs, local/regional farmers and producers, local/regional distributors, and national distributors making good food at fair prices more available for everyone.

images.jpegREASON #3:  Opportunities to socialize and connect improve our health & happiness, and advance our livelihood. Places to meet and talk to neighbors are essential on every level. Local friendships and local news inform our day-to-day decision-making. GCG will build social capital, contributing to public health, and increase “walk-through” traffic, improving public safety.

REASON #4:  Good jobs are essential for great communities. Safe, enjoyable, and meaningful work helps provide for families and for community. Working close to home allows for time for school, worship, friendship and leisure. GCG will create good jobs—jobs that we can be proud of.

images-1.jpegREASON #5:  Local dollars serve local people! Shopping locally allows you to “shop your values.” Spending at GCG will support your friends, neighbors, and a mission you believe in.


REASON #6:  Local business supports more local business. GCG will keep money in the local economy, growing prosperity well beyond its own walls.

REASON #7:  Education creates pathways for our future. Art and culture improve quality of life and bring people together. GCG will be a space for education and cultural activities.

REASON #8:  We have the right to direct the growth of our community. The people who live, work, and play in our community are the true experts on what they need and how to make it happen. GCG will be a community-owned retail store, driven by those most invested in its mission.

REASON #9:  Our environment is where we live, and we’re part of it. GCG will model sustainable business practices. More importantly, it contributes to an environment that is socially vibrant, economically thriving, and physically healthy.

REASON #10:  Through co-operation, we grow stronger. Neighbors who know one another, businesses that buy from and sell to one another, workers who have a say in their own job, communities that share meals and come together—these all make us stronger, and allow us to live more happily and comfortably in the world.


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