Take the Challenge


Join Granite City Grocery owners in taking Hunger Free Vermont's 3SquaresVT Challenge during National Hunger & Homelessness Week which starts November 17th and ends November 23rd, the week just prior to Thanksgiving.  

What is the Challenge?  The Challenge is to shop and live on a Food Stamp budget during the week...approximately $30 per week for a single person.  Can you eat healthy on that kind of a budget?  What will you go without?  How will you feel?



The purpose of the Challenge is not to emulate the reality of food insecurity for Vermonters—many of whom may rely on a variety of programs and resources to meet their families’ needs—but to instead draw attention to the experience of living on a strict food budget allotment and how that may or may not change your daily life both physically and psychologically as a participant.

Sign up to take the challenge on Hunger Free Vermont's website; when asked for your "organization," type "Granite City Grocery" so they can track you as part of our group effort.  

To stay connected with other Granite City Grocery owners during the Challenge and/or invite friends to join the Challenge with you, join GCG's 3SquaresVT Challenge Facebook event page!  Or, follow this blog to stay connected.  Tips and recipes will be posted here on a regular basis leading up to and during the week.  You can also post your comments/questions here as we go through the Challenge together.

After the Challenge, Granite City Grocery will be soliciting your thoughts, questions, and feelings to pull together a piece for the media about our collective experience trying to live on a Food Stamp budget for a week.


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