Preparations Underway for Annual Meeting


The first ever Annual Meeting of Granite City Grocery owners is being planned for Friday, November 15th!  While we don't have a time and location firmed up yet, we do know that it will be in the evening most likely with food and fun!  Of course, the necessary items will be on the agenda such as Director elections and our annual meeting report. 

Want to participate!  You've got to be an owner!  What does that mean?  You must have completed and submitted an owner agreement form and be current on your payments towards your share of $200 (or paid in full) no later than Tuesday, October 29th. 

Why by October 29th?  Because we are mailing the official notice of the meeting and the ballots to all owners on Wednesday, October 30th.  And, per Section 3.5 of our Interim Rules, only those folks who are owners as of the day immediately preceding the notice can participate. For more on the Election Timeline, click here!

So come on board!  Complete your owner agreement, make your payment, or be sure your current on payments!  It's easy to do online:

Would you like to be part of the team that organizes, sets up and makes this an Annual Meeting to remember?  Please email us at [email protected] or call 802/279-7518.


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