Owners Share Their Inspiration

At GCG's Eat Local Cookout on Sunday, September 15th, we set out a large piece of paper and asked people who have become owners now, why they joined.  Here is a compilation of their responses - which when taken in sum make the case for why Granite City Grocery is important to our community.


  • To buy quality local food in a downtown location, which supports a healthy community, and gives surrounding farms or the farms o the future a viable market for support of their operations.
  • I'd like to see a downtown grocery store that offers affordable, healthy food to everyone! (I hope we offer classes on food, cooking, growing, etc!)
  • To help bring a renewed sense of community and caring to Barre.
  • I want to invest in a better Barre.
  • I joined for local foods and social events with like-minded souls.
  • We need a grocery store in downtown Barre. The work that has been done to promote this has been very impressive.  Go GCG!!  (someone ditto'd this)
  • Barre needs accessible grocery for community
  • A place to get local food year-round; community
  • A city is not comlete without a grocery store; what better grocery store, than a community grocery store.  It's the Vermont way!!
  • Because I want to buy my food local first.
  • It's an opportunity to grow our community up and positive by working and living together (and I LIKE shopping IN Barre)
  • This grocery will strengthen Barre - that helps all of central Vermont!


Thank you for these sentiments, owners!  What are yours?  Leave a comment here...


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