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The next three new members, to pay in full, will win an assortment of five of our classic vegetable puree hot sauces. These products scream super fresh flavor!    Join Now

All products are non gmo verified and contain certified organic Vermont grown chile peppers. These sauces add the perfect balanced blast of heat and flavor that we all know and love! Try them on wings, eggs, tacos, chicken, tofu, BBQ, soups, chilis and so much more!”

"We are supporting Granite City Grocery because of their mission to bring more access to local food systems to the residents of Barre and Central Vermont. As a business, we greatly value partnerships with local coops and grocers who support Vermont farmers and specialty food producers. These partnerships are both economic and culturally important and essential to maintaining the Vermont landscape for future generations."

Ben Maniscalco
Founder/Head Saucier- Benito’s Hot Sauce- Morrisville, VT

This promotion is limited to the next 3 people who join this March!

Granite City Grocery is a start-up food co-op in development to serve the people who live, work and/or commute thru Barre with a downtown grocery store.  The model that Granite City Grocery is using is the same as Hanover and Keene co-ops.  With this model, these co-ops have proven success, where their shoppers can find a friendly, community-owned, grocery store.

To join Granite City Grocery as a member, there is a one-time membership cost of $200.  This price includes the household for life.  Before the stores doors even open, there are currently membership benefits from downtown Barre businesses. To learn more about becoming a member, and the added benefits, Contact Us Here, write to us at PO Box 1225, Barre VT 05641, or message us on Facebook.


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