Aldrich Library New Member Promo!


The next three new members, to pay in full, will receive three books of their choice purchased new by the Aldrich Library!  Join Now

A donor will buy the books from Baker and Taylor through the Aldrich Library. This represents almost $90 in books for each new member!

By purchasing a share in Granite City Grocery, you will help build and shape our organization. You will have a say in how it operates through voting. Members also get additional benefits immediately, such as discounts at local businesses.

"Aldrich Library wants to support access to healthy and affordable food in our community and encourage a great start to the new year. With the purchase of a membership, three Granite City Grocery members will receive up to three brand new books of their choosing courtesy of a donation from the library."

Loren Polk, Aldrich Library Director

This promotion is limited to the next 3 people who join this December!

Granite City Grocery is a start-up food co-op in development to serve the people who live, work and/or commute thru Barre with a downtown grocery store.  The model that Granite City Grocery is using is the same as Hanover and Keene co-ops.  With this model, these co-ops have proven success, where their shoppers can find a friendly, community-owned, grocery store.

To join Granite City Grocery as a member, there is a one-time membership cost of $200.  This price includes the household for life.  Before the stores doors even open, there are currently membership benefits from downtown Barre businesses. To learn more about becoming a member, and the added benefits, Contact Us Here, write to us at PO Box 1225, Barre VT 05641, or message us on Facebook.


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