Mid-September Update

news-icon.pngIn the last month, the GCG board and volunteers have accomplished a significant amount of work. Click here for the most recent board minutes.  And read below for the mid-September update!

Here’s the update:

  • The August board meeting focused on a review and digestion with help of our startup food coop consultant of the Market Study which was delivered to the board late July by Dakota WorldWide.
  • Financially, GCG continues to use its Food Coop Initiative grant and community donations to fund operations; owner equity is being preserved for what’s to come!
  • Sub-committees of the board had their first phone call meetings with startup food coop consultant Ben Sandel and proforma financial consultant Bill Gessner.
  • GCG’s new Own It! Campaign hit the airwaves (Froggy & Frank) and CVTV cable 7 & 23.  Check out our first cable TV spot with Emily Kaminsky here.
  • Volunteers reached out to owners with thanks and to pledges with encouragement to join.
  • Tshirts and buttons with our “heart” design were put in production to be ready for distribution in September.
  • Preparations were underway by a large team of volunteers for the Eat Local Cookout on September 15th.
  • Our webmaster Chris Riddell made some updates and improvements to our website (check out new pictures and look!) here.

What’s to come?  We’re working on some special programming for Co-op Month (October) and an Annual Meeting and Board Election in November.  Want to get involved?  Follow this link to volunteer!


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