Member Owner Benefits

Before the Granite City Grocery opens, we - the owners - will meet with the General Manager (to be hired) to decide many things – including what the store should carry (product mix), how it should serve the community, and the benefits that come from being an owner. Let’s start thinking about the last one.

There are many, many options available to us. The following is not a commitment, it is a list of some of the benefits other food co-ops in our region offer their members. Every co-op works differently, and ours will work the way that is best for us. We could not possibly offer everything listed here, but start thinking now about what is important to you. Which would you want?

Many food co-ops donate a portion of profits to charities the owners choose. Some food co-ops reduce the margin for basic items like milk, bread and eggs. All of them offer the opportunity to be involved in setting guidelines, to volunteer to be on a co-op committee, and to run for a position on the Board of Directors. And all food co-ops support local producers much more than conventional stores do. Other benefits might include:

- Member-owners are eligible for an annual patronage rebate (a portion of the profits)

- Member-owners save 15% when they order by the case (you could split the order with a neighbor owner)

- Member-owners receive discounts four times a year during Member Appreciation Weekends.

- Senior member-owners save on monthly Senior Discount Days

- A 10% discount on all purchases (excluding wine and beer) for Vermonters who receive 3SquaresVT; WIC; Supplemental Security Income; or Social Security Disability assistance

- A discount for people who choose to bicycle instead of drive to the store

- Receive discounts from area merchants when you present your membership card

As an owner and a customer of Granite City Grocery, you will help decided what benefits our store offers. We look forward to hearing from you, now and in the future.


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