Happy Birthday & 100 Owners!


One year ago today, a small group of organizers sat down around a table and called the first meeting of Granite City Cooperative to order.  We established the organization, sent in our incorporation papers, and began the work of starting a co-operative.  One year later, we have 650 pledged owners.  Of those, 100 within the first week of emailing out the invitation to make good on pledges have signed their owner agreements and made their payment in full or made their first payment.  


Of the 100 who have sent in their owner agreements as of our first anniversary, 92 have authorized us to list them.  So, here they are!  If you don't see your name but you have sent in your owner agreement by mail in the last week, you'll make the next list!


Vicky Abare
Peter Anthony
Meg Bardossi
Ken Berlin
Richard Beun
Diane Burrington
Beth Campo
Jesse Carpenter
Philip Cecchini
Kris Cecchini
Pam Chomsky-Higgins
Wendy Clark
Roni Coleman
Rossie Conklin
Paul Cook
Sarah Costa
Linda Couture
Wanda Craig
Carol Dawes
Tina Densmore
Paul Dickinson
Jim Donovan
Carol Ellison
Katherine Fanelli
Kara Fassett
Steve Finner
Wanda French
Hollie Friot
Greg Fuller
Phil Gentile
Paul Giacherio
Grace Gilbert
Schuyler Gould
Steve Gould
Malcolm Gray
Cecile Green
Nancy Hanson
James Hart
Toni Hartrich
Jerome Hatch
Dianna Hayford
Carl Hilton VanOsdall
Paul Hutchins
Terri Jordan
Emily Kaminsky
Marianne Kotch
Jessica LaCasse
Georgia Landau
Brian Lane-Karnas
Vicki Langevin
Linda Larivee
Katharina        Mack  
Judith Maher
Nancy Martin
Pat McDonald
Bruce Merrill
Joanie Metcalf
George Milne
Laura Moore
Nicole Moran
Robert Nelson
Gudrun Noetzold
Darlene Nunn
Sarah O'Brien
Christine Parker
Michelle Paul
Sandi Phelan
Sarah Phillips
George Plumb
Heather Powell
Rick Prince
Amy Richard
Debra Ricker
Chris Riddell
Charlene Rinker
Andy Robinson
Randy Rouleau
John Santorello
Bobbie Sargent
Phyllis Sawyer
Linda Seel
Christina Shaw
Georgeanna Stapleton
Dave Stonecliffe
Johnnie Stones
Jennifer Underwood
Cynthia Wedding
Marc Weissman
Dan Whitcomb
Clay Whitney
Baron Wormser
Mark Yorra


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