GCG Heritage Festival Fun!

The highlight of the Heritage Festival for some of us related to GCG was the parade.  Our float was indeed a feat of artistic and physical magnitude:  our float artist and coordinator Helene Bowser spent probably 12 hours blowing up hundreds of balloons!  Here is the photo documentary of that fun, fun, fun day - Saturday, July 27th.  (To come: pictures of GCG's entry in the 1st Annual Barre Heritage Festival Bath Tub Race - we took 2nd place!)

Preparations prior to the day started at least a week ahead of time in the Bowser's household.  Can you imagine, hundreds of balloons in your dining room for a week? 

Then, the day of.  Helene and her mom retrieved the Bellavance truck early that morning and parked it at St. Monica's Church.  And, there the magic unfolded.  


Gayle Poinsette and Michael Marcotte hang sweet peas. 


Helene Bowser readies the perimeter of brown grocery bags!


Peter Anthony secures the bunches of grapes.

Then, by 1:15 pm, the float was up at the Aud taking its place amongst all of the other entries on what turned out to be a blazing hot and sunny day!


The float was amazing!  Kaitlyn Mesler made a great sacrifice by wearing the City Market strawberry suit!


Prior to the parade, participants pose.  Carrots were:  Sir Shreds-a-Lot (Matthew Kaminsky) and Lord Julienne (Chris Riddell).  Above are Jedd Kaminsky and Helene Bowser.


The fruits and veggies of the float minus Michael Bowser.


A view during the parade off the back of the float.  Linda & Bruce Seel were Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head!  Not pictured here is Sherry Rhynard who was off running to greet children with veggie sampler coupons as we floated by!


The Seel Spuds in action! 


Jedd Kaminsky and his first tabling experience with Granite City Grocery.

The rest of the afternoon we handed out and sold veggie samplers/dips, the ingredients for which were all donated from Cabot Creamery Cooperative and Upper Valley Produce with supplies from City Market, Hunger Mountain Coop, and even Barre City Elementary and Middle School!  

And, the experience of tabling at Barre Heritage Festival was exhilarating, informative, and rewarding.  Read here for some of the reflections that volunteers shared of that day.


All in all it was a fantastic day.  Hot, fun, and we got the word out!  






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