Great News from Farmers to You!

Farmers To You shares Granite City Grocery’s goal to bring the best local food to our community, and GCG is pleased to pass along this information and discount opportunity.   The following information is provided by Farmers To You:

Farmers To You is a blend of community-supported agriculture, the farmers’ market, and online shopping.  This sustaining partnership between families and farmers is available year-round and offers a wide variety of foods to stock your pantry. You’ll find pasture-raised meats, organic produce, a full line of dairy products, prepared foods for quick dinners, and plenty of staples in their online marketplace. The newest pickup site for Downtown Barre takes place on Wednesdays from 4:30-6pm at the Morse Deli Block, 260 Main Street, Suite 19. 

Orders currently may be picked up at two local places. Berlin at 446 Industrial Ln, opposite the Blue Cross Blue Shield campus is the Farmers to You hub site. Orders can also be picked up at 260 North Main Street, suite #19, right in Barre at the back entrance to Morse Block Deli.

Farmers To You

Visit to browse our website and learn more about us, but make sure to sign up using the links and steps below in order to get the Granite City Grocery discount. As a member you will receive 5% off your order on top of the 8% that is given to Vermont residents.

Join in four simple steps:

1.    Create an account to shop from a full diet of local/regionally grown items.

2.    Update your order weekly or simply leave a standing order on file.

3.    Gather your bags of food each Wednesday at the convenient downtown Barre pick-up site.

4.    Repeat each week!

Head to to learn more and create an account.  A weekly order of  $40 or more (suggested) and an appetite for New England's best foods are all that is required.

Contact [email protected] with questions.

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