When are we going to open?

The Site Committee of volunteers and industry professionals has identified potential sites in our downtown and has reached out to developers to see who will take the next step with us. The developers have asked us to demonstrate sustained membership growth to show that we will have the resources to make our grocery store a success.

We need your help! Tell friends and family why you joined our co-op family. Let them know that they can join through our website, get the latest information in our e-newsletter, and talk to us each Saturday during coffee on the co-op at Espresso Bueno from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Where is the store going to be?

We are committed to being downtown, that is part of our mission.  Our site committee, which is comprised of volunteers and development and real estate professionals, has been managing a list of potential sites in the downtown that fit the needs defined by our market study.  The next step in determining which site will create a successful store is to attract a developer to our project. 

How many members do we need to open the store?

Believe it or not, there is no magic number that will open the store.  We need to prove to developers that we can sustain a rate of growth in our membership. We need all of you to open the store!

What have you done with our money?

Our co-operative already has overhead expenses such as insurance, consultant fees, and outreach expenses.  Some of this has been offset through our active pursuit of grant funding.  Members can review our balance sheet or profit and loss statement upon request.

Where will the rest of the financing come from to open our store?

We will coordinate a capital campaign to raise the first round of funding.  Our complete financial package will be a mix of preferred shares, member loans, grant financing, as well as funds from a collection of financial institutions

Why become an owner?

Joining now is an active step in making our community a better place to live.  Join now and bring us one step closer to opening!


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