End of Summer Update

news-icon.pngIt's the end of August and Fall is drawing near - a busy time for us all, and GCG no less! Your GCG board has been working hard throughout the summer to prime us for a busy Fall!  Read below for the update!

First off, want to know what we're up to? You can access our board minutes by following the links on this page here.  The most recent minutes (approved by the board) are from July.

Owner Drive: We've just hit 250 a few days short of the end of August. But, we're pushing for 300 by August 31st.  Help us out by telling your friends our story (use this invitation!) and joining our Owner Drive Facebook Event (an easy way to tell your friends about GCG).

Volunteer Pool & Orientation:  We have over 100 people signed up to volunteer. Thank you to our owners for stepping up to the plate!  We'll be doing some "appreciatin'" at our Eat Local Cookout on September 15th and holding a Volunteer Orientation shorty thereafter. Stay tuned for dates. And, if you signed up to be a volunteer, you'll be hearing from us!

Own It! Campaign:  We're launching a multi-media effort (radio, print, video) to spread the word about GCG. Thanks to the folks at Froggy/Frank for offering us the air time and Tony Campos of Video Vision/New England Cooks and CVTV for help with the video. 

Market Study Update:  the Board and now the Site Selection Committee is reviewing and digesting the results of the Market Study. Six of the seven sites are potential locations all of which are within a 1/2 mile radius of Depot Square.

Feasibility Assessment: We're primed and ready to start crunching numbers for each of the 6 sites.  We're working with CDS Consulting co-op guru Bill Gessner who has 30+ years experience helping start-up and existing co-ops build financial models and test feasibility!  This will be a process that we undergo throughout the Fall at the Board level.

Owner Meeting: A sub-committee of the board is working with our other CDS Consulting co-op guru Ben Sandel on a timeline for the Fall which includes a discussion about when is the best time (and how to pull off) our first owner's meeting. Stay tuned for this!

Our Website is ACTIVE!  Check out reports from Terri Jordan from the Farmer's Market and our upcoming events page for info on Eat & Greets (basically neighborhood potlucks) in your area and Senior Center luncheon and more!

GET INVOLVED! This is the most important!  Do what you can to spread the word.  Please regularly check our Facebook page to like and share updates, sign up to become a volunteer.  We need your help - host an Eat & Greet, distribute flyers, help table at events, etc.  We need you!

In Co-operation!
Emily Kaminsky, Chairwoman on behalf of the GCG Board



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