Eat & Greets Help Grow GCG

Consider hosting an "Eat & Greet" of your own at your home, your place of work, your church, or an organization you volunteer with. It's one of the most tried and true ways of securing new Granite City Grocery owners because there is time to socialize, make connections, build relationships, and ask questions! It's also easy, fun, and tasty!  Interested in helping organize or host an "Eat & Greet", email us at [email protected] or call 802/279-7518.


Here are a few stories to illustrate...

IMG_1017.JPGOn a Sunday evening, Kevin & Sonya Spaulding hosted an "Eat & Greet" at their house.  Six couples were invited to bring food and beverage, socialize, and learn about Granite City Grocery.  GCG organizer Emily Kaminsky came with information and an ear to listen.  By the end of the night, after lots of conversation and questions, some guests had signed up for more information, some had pledged to become owners, and one had made a donation. This is how Granite City Grocery's ranks of pledged owners has been built up from the beginning. 

IMG_1198.JPGOn a Monday evening, Jan Tobias hosted a dessert potluck at her house.  Everyone brought something sweet, Jan made some cake and had warm beverages, and we all cozied up into her living room to have a conversation about GCG.  Here's the group shot - the white board they are holding has their message:  "YES!"  All of these folks ended up pledging to become owners.


On another Sunday evening, friends gathered at the Kaminsky household to talk about GCG.  This was a romping good time for all the kids.  Lesson learned - leave the kids at home or have a babysitter (thank you Silas Merriam!).  There was time though to gather and have a conversation. All of the folks at this meeting (nearly 20 - too many!) became owners.

DSCF8257.jpegOn a Thursday morning, Dr. Mark Yorra hosted a reception at his office on Keith Avenue.  A dozen people attended including his staff to learn about GCG.  Several folks from that event became regular volunteers and owners including Dr. Yorra himself.

IMG_1241.JPGSherry & Chuck Rhynard held an evening dinner potluck that featured a lively discussion about the viability of a grocery store with or without certain products.  Delicious food as with every "Eat & Greet" were enjoyed by all and folks left with a better understanding of what Granite City Grocery could accomplish for our community.

Other "Eat & Greets" have happened at:

  • Nearly every church (they take the form of coffee hour!)
  • The Senior Center
  • Barre Tech Center classrooms
  • Vermont Agency of Education
  • Service clubs including: Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions

Upcoming "Eat & Greets" are in the works for:

  • Central Vermont Community Action Council
  • Tilden House

Consider hosting one of your own and let's get the work done of growing the foundation for this grocery store together!  Email us at [email protected] or call 802-279-7518.


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