Come Table With Us!

During Barre Heritage Festival weekend, we had a whole host of volunteers helping out with GCG activities.  One activity was our vending table on Washington Street.  Many thanks to: Linda Seel, Gayle Poinsette, Chris Riddell, Terri Jordan, Sherry Rhynard, Hillary Montgomery, Kaminsky kids Jedd and Leo, and Toni Hartrich! Read on for a glimpse of what volunteers on the front lines are learning, doing, and enjoying!  And, if you are interested in tabling with us at future events, why not start with the Farmer's Market every Wednesday in downtown Barre?  Read more here and sign up to hang with us at Farmer's Market...

La.jpgLINDA SEEL (Public Health Nurse, WIC, VT Department of Health, Barre City)

The experience I had tabling at the Heritage Festival filled me with new energy and excitement about this project. The response from those we talked to was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive. Only one person I encountered walked away not interested, saying she was just fine shopping at Price Chopper. Most had “heard something” about GCG; some still say they know nothing about it. The most common questions were: Where will you be? When will you open? By the end of the conversation everyone I talked to was fine with the response we had. Even the two most cynical gentlemen I encountered left with information in hand. Three people paid for their ownership at the event (one in cash, in full!) and many took away the owner agreement form. Many were still not aware that the time to pay up is now. There are still quite a few that did not understand that GCG will offer both organic and conventional items. We heard over and over comments like: “This is great!” “I can’t wait!” “I’m behind this 100%”. This was just a marvelous opportunity to do a lot of myth busting, let our community know that this project is still aliveand well, and that we really are making respectable progress towards opening a store in downtown Barre. 


I love tabling for Granite City Grocery.  Talking with area residents about the possibility of having a downtown grocery store is exciting – accessible, affordable, healthy, community-oriented and member-owned are all words we use when we talk about GCG.  Everyone I’ve spoken with sees it as a wonderful idea and a necessity for many of Barre’s residents.  I am proud to be a part of this endeavor and hope that others will be excited enough about this community-organized, community-strengthening  project to join us, as volunteers and member-owners,  in the journey to the actual store: Granite City Grocery.

Sherry Rhynard (Owner, Ease of Flow, Barre City) 

IMG_0415.jpgExhilarating! That was the word to describe my experience as a volunteer for the Granite City Grocery  (GCG) table at this past weekend's Barre Heritage Festival.  I loved meeting and talking to lots of folks about GCG. What it means to have a downtown grocery was the theme of many stimulating conversations.  Volunteering was an easy way to meet a diverse group of people whom I shared similar values with. We all wanted good and affordable food. I also participated in the parade with the GCG float.  I was so impressed by Helene’s talents. She made the flatbed turn into a little veggie and fruit heaven.  I wore a tomato costume. Silly as can be, you could have seen me skipping around the street next to the GCG  float while handing out coupons to kids for a veggie sampler and dip. Waving at so many smiling faces was just that – exhilarating! 


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