Call for Board of Director Candidates


Are you a Granite City Grocery owner?  Are you interested in helping make Granite City Grocery a reality?  Do you have the time and energy to join GCG's hard-working Board of Directors?  If you answered yes to all three, perhaps you'll consider running for a seat on Granite City Grocery's board in our first ever Director elections!  If you're interested, read on!

That's right, Granite City Grocery is gearing up for its first ever election of Directors! Since we first organized in July 2012, we have had a self-appointed board. Now that we have owners (you!) who can vote for a Board, we are ready to hold our first election! 

How many board seats will be available?  While our Interim Rules allow for a range of 7 to 13, the Board has set the number of seats at 11.  Most but not all of the current Directors will be running for their seat (possibly 7 or 8) leaving ample room for quite a few more candidates.  We would love to see at least 13 candidates in total for the 11 seats so that we can have a contested election - a healthy thing for a democratic organization like ours!

The Board has authorized a Nominating Committee comprised of owners, none of whom are running for a Director seat: Peter Anthony, Terri Jordan, Sherry Rhynard, and Linda Seel (currently a Director but not running for her seat). They are responsible for preparing the candidate package, making it available to owners, reviewing candidate applications, hosting a candidate meet-and-greet, and getting the ballots out the door...all by the end of this month! 

If you are interested in running for a seat, the Director Candidate Package will be available for download here on GCG's website by midnight on Friday, October 11th. You can also email us or call us to request it by email or mail.  Candidate applications must be returned within the week, postmarked no later than October 18th to be considered.  For a full Election Timeline, click here!

In order to run as a Director candidate, you must meet certain eligibility requirements as defined in Section 4.2 of our Interim Rules.  The Board has also identified required and desired qualifications:

Desired Qualifications:

  • By far, the most important attribute for Directors is commitment of time and energy to the Board's work.
  • One or more of the following: experience with the cooperative business model, experience with project and financial management and budgeting, and experience with retail grocery.

Required Qualifications: Candidates should possess these qualifications:

  • Are dedicated to cooperative principles and values and to the success of Granite City Grocery.
  • Understand the Board's approach to governance and be willing to learn and embrace co-op board governance best practices.
  • Display discipline in participation through attendance, email, and taking part in meetings, committee work, and ongoing training.
  • Ability to join in the debate of Board-level issues, with no reluctance to express dissent.
  • Willingness to commit time to committee work.
  • Willingness to stand behind policies of the Board regardless of personal stance taken prior to the vote.
  • Understand the Board's role in defining values, vision and long-term viability of Granite City Grocery

The time commitment as a Board Director ranges from 15-25 hours per month and includes monthly meetings, committee work, emailing and other activities.  The term of a Director lasts one or two years.

Questions?  Call us at 802/279-7518 or email us at [email protected]!




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