Bring a Friend

Want to help Granite City Grocery open in downtown Barre – and be entered to win some awesome prizes? Let’s join together with the “Bring a Friend” promotion and bring 200 more owners to GCG! And, if you aren't an owner yet, bring yourself!  Everyone who joins during the "Bring a Friend" promotion will be enter in the drawings.

Here’s how it works: Get a friend, neighbor, family member, or colleague to join by the end of November, and you’ll both be entered into a series of drawings to win some great prizes donated by local businesses:

 And, boxes of 12 organic milk chocolate caramel crunch bars from Equal Exchange (we have 12 of  these!)

Congratulations to Megan Sheehan, our first winner.  Next drawing is October 27!

We all have that one friend who supports GCG but just hasn’t joined yet. This is your chance to motivate them to join now!  Share with them why you decided to join now. 

Why Now? Our goal is to get to 800 owners so we can be in a position to secure a space in downtown Barre.  Getting 200 new owners in the next 2 months will get us in addition to the usual number of people joining every week will get us there!

“Bring a Friend" Promotion Rules

(1)    Limit of one prize per owner
(2)    Have the new owner write your name on the bottom of their membership application or in the "referred by" field in the online app (so we can enter your name).
(3)    Drawings will be held several times during the drive, and winners will be contacted directly.

Where can I get applications to give to friends?

Click here to print off an application or pick some brochures at these downtown Barre locations:

Happy recruiting, and as always, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!


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