Board of Directors

 Nick Landry - President


I am the IT specialist at the Aldrich Library. My background is small business start-ups and my formal education was focused on developing local economies. I assisted with the coordination of the Barre Heritage Festival for four years and this will be my fifth year working with the Granite City Grocery.

Barre has seen many changes in the last few years. We have seen our city undergo an impressive facelift, and she is still growing. Granite City Grocery is part of that growth. I am looking forward to it becoming the heart of our ever growing community.

Granite City Grocery will provide healthy affordable food to our community. It will be a gathering place and a community center. Founding the Granite City Grocery makes Barre a better community and a better city for us all to live in.



 Clay Whitney – Vice PresidentClay_2.jpg

 I am a marketing manager for Cabot Creamery Cooperative working with food co-ops, specialty stores, and grocery chains in the eastern U.S.  My work includes providing co-ops with assistance in organization, sponsorships, membership education and growth, and efforts to consolidate co-op purchasing to reduce costs.

 I participate in national and regional co-op conferences (CCMA [U.S.], NFCA [New England], MAFCA [MidAtlantic]) for Cabot and also meet representatives of marketing and financial organizations established to foster co-op growth, which is relevant for GCG.

 I have visited many food co-ops in the U.S. and learned a great deal about what other start-ups are doing that is successful, and what existing co-ops did to get themselves to their opening day and to prosper since then.

Our grocery will be the “beating heart” of Barre: a center of community; a resource for locally produced food as well as national brands; and a source of local pride.    


Phil Kolling - Secretary

I am the Executive Director of SerVermont, Vermont’s Commission on National and Community Service. We promote, support and recognize volunteerism and community service in Vermont and administer AmeriCorps programs. We are in a sustained period of growth, and have doubled the opportunities to serve in AmeriCorps in Vermont over the last three years.

My background is in management of organizations in the government and nonprofit sector, particularly organizations in phases of startup, expansion, or reorganization. I have served as the first director of a startup Boys and Girls Club, launched an AmeriCorps VISTA program, and expanded volunteer programs for a large nonprofit, as well as served as an AmeriCorps member in Vermont and Maine. I enjoy bringing ideas and concepts to fruition, and growing organizations creatively.

I hold a Master of Science in Management of Mission Driven Organizations from Marlboro College School of Graduate and Professional Studies, and a BS in Community Development from the University of New Hampshire. I serve as a  board member for America’s Service Commissions.


Kyle Lanzit Kyle_2.jpg

 I have a background in environmental policy, sustainability, and organics management. I am currently employed at Grow Compost of Vermont, managing their commercial food scrap diversion program. Before that, I worked for another family-owned organics firm, Empire Zero. From 2011-2013, I served on the Board of Directors of ECOS, an environmental education and stewardship organization based in Niskayuna, NY.

I relish being able to make a measurable difference at my job every day, and strongly believe that Granite City Grocery will do the same for Barre. This community needs and deserves an affordable outlet for Vermont’s incredible bounty of agricultural products, and a place for Barre’s boundless energy and creativity to flourish. I am member #638, and am proud to bring a locally-owned and community-driven enterprise to one of Vermont’s most historic and wonderful towns.


Heather RunkHeather.jpg

I am currently employed at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and work in the Corporate Accounting department. I have worked for this company for 11 years in various departments and roles.  

I want to see a grocery store open up in Barre and I want to be a part of that process.  My vision for Granite City Grocery is that in 10 years it is a thriving business and central to the community’s growth.  The role I would play in this vision is volunteering my time for whatever is needed.





Bruce Landry

Professionally my background is in energy efficiency and construction. I am a self employed Energy Consultant specializing in deep energy retrofits with the goal to eliminate fossil fuel or greatly reduce its use in residential housing.

Privately, I have always been community minded and active wherever I can help. That is why I have been involved with Habitat for Humanity and why I joined the Granite City Grocery site committee. Everyone knows we need a grocery store in Barre and I want to get involved at the board level where decisions are made about the direction the Granite City Grocery is going.

My vision is more than a grocery store but more as a community hub where people shop for food, stop for lunch, congregate at the farmers market if space is available, have forums on healthy food choices and food preparation for folks that were never exposed to healthy food. To be an activity center that brings people to Barre. 

My long-term goal is to get a store open and operational. This board will play a crucial role in the decisions that will need to be made, in a timely order. By staying focused and working together, we can make that happen.





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