2019 Board Candidates

These are the candidates for the board seats with terms expiring in 2022.

Candidates were asked to address the following areas in their statements:

  • Current employment and work experience
  • Previous Board experience
  • What skills would you bring to the Board of Directors for Granite City Grocery (including training, education, or experience that qualifies you to sit on the Board)?
  • Why would you like to serve on GCG’s Board of Directors?
  • What is your vision for GCG 10 years down the road and what role would you play to achieve that vision?
  • Can you make commitment for the entire length of the term to the responsibilities outlined in the candidate’s packet?

Nick Landry

I am the IT specialist at the Aldrich Library. My background is small business start-ups and my formal education was focused on developing local economies. I assisted with the coordination of the Barre Heritage Festival for four years and this will be my seventh year working with the Granite City Grocery.

Barre has seen many changes in the last few years. We have seen our city undergo an impressive facelift, and she is still growing. Granite City Grocery is part of that growth. I am looking forward to it becoming the heart of our ever growing community.

Granite City Grocery will provide healthy affordable food to our community. It will be a gathering place and a community center. Founding the Granite City Grocery makes Barre a better community and a better city for us all to live in.

Kyle Lanzit

 I have a background in environmental policy, sustainability, and organics management. I am currently employed at Grow Compost of Vermont, managing their commercial food scrap diversion program. Before that, I worked for another family-owned organics firm, Empire Zero. From 2011-2013, I served on the Board of Directors of ECOS, an environmental education and stewardship organization based in Niskayuna, NY.

I relish being able to make a measurable difference at my job every day, and strongly believe that Granite City Grocery will do the same for Barre. This community needs and deserves an affordable outlet for Vermont’s incredible bounty of agricultural products, and a place for Barre’s boundless energy and creativity to flourish. I am member #638, and am proud to bring a locally-owned and community-driven enterprise to one of Vermont’s most historic and wonderful towns.

Heather Runk

I am currently employed at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont and work in the Corporate Accounting department. I have worked for this company for 11 years in various departments and roles.  

Something that I hear so often is that Barre is a food desert. While I completely agree with this statement, I believe that is only part of our local dilemma. This area is lacking a central hub, a place that brings all of us together for any reason.

I joined Granite City Grocery for the opportunity to be part of this growing community. To help build it up and see it take off. To me, co-op means community and I want nothing more that to be included in this positive action we are taking.

Sam Stockwell

I have grant writing skills and excellent writing skills.  I would like to help bring a grocery store to Barre, and improve the quality of life in Barre City. 

10 years down the road, the Granite City Grocery is part of a thriving complex of local businesses. It fosters many related businesses and creates a climate that supports an active cultural life, and economic and social justice. I don't know what my role would be 10 years from now.  Affordable housing, a liveable for the wage entire for length all, and of the environmental health are some of my interests.


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