Happy Birthday & 100 Owners!


One year ago today, a small group of organizers sat down around a table and called the first meeting of Granite City Cooperative to order.  We established the organization, sent in our incorporation papers, and began the work of starting a co-operative.  One year later, we have 650 pledged owners.  Of those, 100 within the first week of emailing out the invitation to make good on pledges have signed their owner agreements and made their payment in full or made their first payment.  


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GCG Heritage Festival Fun!

The highlight of the Heritage Festival for some of us related to GCG was the parade.  Our float was indeed a feat of artistic and physical magnitude:  our float artist and coordinator Helene Bowser spent probably 12 hours blowing up hundreds of balloons!  Here is the photo documentary of that fun, fun, fun day - Saturday, July 27th.  (To come: pictures of GCG's entry in the 1st Annual Barre Heritage Festival Bath Tub Race - we took 2nd place!)

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Come Table With Us!

During Barre Heritage Festival weekend, we had a whole host of volunteers helping out with GCG activities.  One activity was our vending table on Washington Street.  Many thanks to: Linda Seel, Gayle Poinsette, Chris Riddell, Terri Jordan, Sherry Rhynard, Hillary Montgomery, Kaminsky kids Jedd and Leo, and Toni Hartrich! Read on for a glimpse of what volunteers on the front lines are learning, doing, and enjoying!  And, if you are interested in tabling with us at future events, why not start with the Farmer's Market every Wednesday in downtown Barre?  Read more here and sign up to hang with us at Farmer's Market...

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The July Update!

In the last month, Granite City Grocery's volunteer board has taken some pretty serious steps towards moving out of the "organizing phase" and into the "planning/feasibility phase". The only way we have been able to move from one to the next is to work hard on building the vision, talent, capital and systems.  And, we've done it!  We are now officially in Stage 2! 


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A Community Where People Cooperate Together

Children are intuitive and wise in their own ways.  Today, in between carting my kids around town running errands in preparation for the Heritage Festival, my oldest son Jedd (6) drafted a "poster" for the GCG Heritage Fest float.  It reads:  GCG - A community where people cooperate together."  His poster was without prompting and guidance from me except for the fact that I called out how to spell the words as I loaded the car.  It wasn't until he showed me "his surprise" that I realized what he was up to.


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Floating Grocery Bag?

When GCG volunteer Helene Bowser agreed to design GCG’s Heritage Festival float, I knew we were going to get lucky.  Helene is creative, resourceful, and just doesn’t quit.  So, when she sent this picture I wasn’t surprised.  I was excited.  And, also wondered…how many balloons (and hours) does it take to make a giant bunch of grapes?



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Join the Heritage Festival Fun!

Today is the official start of Barre’s very own hometown festival - the Barre Heritage Festival.  Granite City Grocery will be there in more ways than one and we really need your participation! 




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We Are Ready For You!

Nearly a year from the day we incorporated, we are ready for you to become an owner!  Granite City Grocery organizers have taken a big and bold next step - a new and improved website that allows you to become an owner! It's easy, fast, and secure!

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