250 Owners!

th.jpgWe're at 250 owners!  Let's get to 300 by the end of August - that's just 3 days away.  If you're on the owner list and you haven't yet reached out to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, co-worshipers, etc. Now is the time! And, if you pledged and haven't completed your owner form yet and sent in your first payment, please take the next few days to do it. 

We have a strong team of volunteers running Granite City Grocery; however, we are volunteers.  Encouraging pledges to convert to owners is our job; and, it's a full-time one.  Please make it easy for us and make good on your pledge today! It's simple and easy - you can do it right here:  http://www.granitecitygrocery.coop/become_an_owner.

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The Power of Hope (and Being Present)

Terri Jordan, an owner and active volunteer with GCG, shares her thoughts from this past week's Farmer's Market table.  GCG is there every week to greet you, answer questions, and even accept your owner agreement and payments!

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Vote For Your Favorite GCG T-Shirt Design!

We have an opportunity to print a limited edition Granite City Grocery t-shirt!  We'd love your help deciding on the design.  Vote by leaving a comment in the comment field below!  Voting begins now and ends midnight on Wednesday, September 4th!

There are three designs to choose from:




You can also vote at our table at the Farmer's Market!  We just ask that you vote once!  No stuffing the ballot box. 

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Mid-August E-Newsletter Hits the Press!

e-newletter.jpegSpecial delivery!  Check out our mid-August e-newsletter for information on what's new!  Share and share-a-like! 

Up to 189!

Oh, we're so close to that magic number of 200!  Welcome to the 189 owners we have so far of which 143 have allowed us to share their name and 22 have sent in checks but have not yet completed their owner agreements.

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Up to 174!

Well, the owners that have purchased shares and sent in owner agreements continue to pour in.  Here is our most recent list!  Of the 174 we have received in just 2 weeks, 24 have only sent in checks (no owner agreements - so we cannot list them yet!), and 23 have asked us not to list their names publicly.  So, here are 127 Owner names!  Don't see your name on here and need to fill out an owner agreement, please consider doing it online!  Click here:  http://www.granitecitygrocery.coop/become_an_owner

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They Are Rolling In!

That's right!  Pledges are coming forward to make good on their promise to become owners!  


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What's Your Reason?

Some of our favorite pictures are from GCG owners holding a sign explaining why they support Granite City Grocery in our community.  If you're now an owner, please send us a picture of you and your family with a sign (visible and large print please!) telling us why you support GCG.  Send them to [email protected]  We'll post them on Facebook and our website!  Here are a few of our favorites!

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Eat & Greets Help Grow GCG

Consider hosting an "Eat & Greet" of your own at your home, your place of work, your church, or an organization you volunteer with. It's one of the most tried and true ways of securing new Granite City Grocery owners because there is time to socialize, make connections, build relationships, and ask questions! It's also easy, fun, and tasty!  Interested in helping organize or host an "Eat & Greet", email us at [email protected] or call 802/279-7518.


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Let's Own It Together!

Here is your invitation and call to action to be part of a community-based solution to a troublesome problem that has held our community back in so many ways for the last 12 years.  

The problem?  No fresh food in downtown Barre.  Since Grand Union went bankrupt and pulled out of Barre in 2001, we have had no affordably-priced, easily-accessible, full-service grocery store offering fresh food in or within walking distance from downtown.  Our community is technically a "food desert."  Now, that's a problem.  

It's a problem for hundreds of downtown residents with limited transportation options. It's a problem for workers and shoppers who want the convenience of shopping downtown.  And, it certainly is a problem for our community's economic vitality and overall health.  And, wouldn't it be nice to have some of the products you usually travel miles for available in your own community grocery store?  It's possible, if you become part of the solution!  

The solution?  Granite City Grocery! GCG is a community-based and entrepreneurial solution that pools the resources of many to create our very own downtown full-service grocery store. It's a solution that allows us to meet the need for fresh food in a way that is right for Barre without having to wait (...and wait) for someone else from somewhere else to do it. And, it's a solution that my family and I have chosen to be a part of.  I'm inviting you to participate, too.  



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