Granite City Grocery Moving Forward

There are 643 members of Granite City Grocery today, and we all are anxious to see our store open its doors.  Our membership has grown each year and our Site Committee has been working with property owners, realtors, architects and engineers, as well as Downstreet Housing & Community Development, to identify a location in downtown that meets our 4 primary needs.  They wouldn’t be hard to meet if the store was going to be outside downtown; but our goal is to open a grocery store for all in downtown Barre.

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Member Owner Benefits

Before the Granite City Grocery opens, we - the owners - will meet with the General Manager (to be hired) to decide many things – including what the store should carry (product mix), how it should serve the community, and the benefits that come from being an owner. Let’s start thinking about the last one.

There are many, many options available to us. The following is not a commitment, it is a list of some of the benefits other food co-ops in our region offer their members. Every co-op works differently, and ours will work the way that is best for us. We could not possibly offer everything listed here, but start thinking now about what is important to you. Which would you want?

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Farmer Owner Spotlight - Bear Roots Farm

It’s a cool summer morning, the first week of August, as the sun rises. Farmers Karin Bellemare and Jon Wagner awake to chores, not animal in nature, but to the demands of tens of thousands of plants yearning for a little TLC in the demanding times of climate change.

Maybe they will tend to the peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants in one of their three 100 foot greenhouses (aka high tunnels); or perhaps cultivate the thousands of feet of planted rows which include carrots, onions, parsnips, beets, potatoes, kale, broccoli, and squash of all varieties. It seems never ending, and now that they have built the new high tunnels, growing has become a year round proposition.

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Barre Farmers Market

Meet new people and spread the word about GCG!  We're looking for folks to table at the Barre Farmers Market this year.

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Family Fun!

FREE Bowling!  Fun for the whole family March 29th!

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February 6 Dance Party!

Come on down to the Barre Elks Club on Friday, February 6 at 7:30pm, to jam with Native Tongue and GCG!

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Holiday Potluck - December 7

Join your fellow GCGers on Sunday, December 7 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm for a holiday potluck at Barre's First Presbyterian Church (the “green church") on Summer Street.

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November News!

Update on new owners, outreach ideas wanted, site review update and more!

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Celebrate 500 with FREE Gelato!


Come join us for FREE Gelato this Wednesday, August 13th during Barre Partnership's Sherri's Jubilee Concert from 7 to 8 pm at Currier Park!  

We're celebrating with gelato from Simply Subs (owner Ed LaCross is also a Granite City Grocery shareholder)!

Why celebrate?  We reached 500 owners! That's an exciting milestone for this co-op effort.  

Consider this - we just started selling shares last year at this time. One year, 500 people...$200 per household and sometimes more if they bought more than one share.  That's a good foundation!  We have 300 more owner shares to sell before we can lock down a location.  See you Wednesday for some yumminess!













2014 Annual Meeting Report!

On Wednesday, June 25th, 40 GCG owners gathered at the First Presbyterian Church for the 2014 Annual Meeting.  Delicious munchies from volunteers and sweets from Honey Lamb Bakery (Tedra Knauss) were on hand as well as music entertainment from the Myers Family.


Chris Riddell delivers the Annual Report.


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