Granite City Grocery is seeking a new Board of Directors

“We’ve had open elections among our membership since 2013 for board seats, but we’ve struggled to fill them the last few years,” says Nick Landry, the current chair of the Granite City Groacery board. Currently, the board is down to four members from the original thirteen, and two of those board members will be stepping down this June after several years of service. The remaining two board members are willing to serve one more year to train a new board, if others step up to run for and serve on the board this June.

For the Granite City Grocery to continue, new leadership will have to step forward and be ready to take on finding a way forward, which would likely have to include changing the vision of offering conventional food at a lower price point. Organic and natural foods have a far higher margin, which leaves more margin for paying the store’s overhead and staff, which might make the entire project more viable. That would be for the new board to explore, as well as potential ways to meet the vision of GCG without the cost of opening a brick and mortar store              

Monday, May 3 - Nominations are open
To keep the board intact we will need five members in good standing to be nominated.  If you would like to learn more about joining our Board of Directors email [email protected].

Friday, May 28 - Voting Begins!
This year we will be unable to organize a large public meeting.  All ballots have been emailed to our owners.  If you have not received your electronic ballot please let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

You can cast your digital vote by schedule a Public Computer Reservation at the Aldrich Public Library.

Thursday, June 10 - Virtual Annual Meeting
We will host an online question and answer sessions via Zoom to allow our owners the opportunity to speak with our directors.  This meeting was recorded and will be available until Dec 31, 2021.

Friday, June 18 - Polls Close
June 18 is the last day of voting. 
The results will be announced once votes can be safely counted.


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