Summer Is Coming, And So Is Our Annual Meeting!!

We hope you are as eager as we are! All are invited to join us for our Virtual Owners Meeting.  As we decide on what platform that we can use we will post the links to our presentations and webinars on this page.

Our timeline is listed below so that you can save the dates as we move through our annual elections and presentations.                     

Friday, May 1
Board of Director nominations are open.  See our page on how you can become a Board Member!

Granite City Grocery 2020 Census
Fill out your Owner Census before June 1 to make sure that we can get your ballot to you.

Wednesday, May 22
Applications to run for election must be completed and emailed to by May 22.  Fill out your Owner Census before June 1 to make sure that you get your ballot!

Monday, June 1 -Annual Owner Update
In lieu of a public meeting we will upload presentations from the President and the Treasurer that will explain what have accomplished, what we plan to do next, and how you can help us!

TBD - Virtual Annual Meeting
We will host one, or a series, of online question and answer sessions to allow our owners the opportunity to speak with our directors.  Details for these events will be published here once we identify the technology that will allow us to host these meetings.

Monday, June 8
This year we will be unable to organize a large public meeting.  All ballots will be mailed/emailed to our owners.

Wednesday, June 24 - Polls Close
June 24 is the last day of voting. 
The results will be announced once votes can be safely counted.


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