A Community Where People Cooperate Together

Children are intuitive and wise in their own ways.  Today, in between carting my kids around town running errands in preparation for the Heritage Festival, my oldest son Jedd (6) drafted a "poster" for the GCG Heritage Fest float.  It reads:  GCG - A community where people cooperate together."  His poster was without prompting and guidance from me except for the fact that I called out how to spell the words as I loaded the car.  It wasn't until he showed me "his surprise" that I realized what he was up to.


Within a year, we have indeed become a community of people that have "come together to cooperate" and despite the fact that we don't have an actual store yet!  Granite City Grocery is a complex web of new and burgeoning relationships and ones just waiting to be formed. 

Some say that our community is quite stratified economically and socially and that a lot of us don't know one another.  GCG has bridged some of those divides, bringing together people that might not otherwise mix. And, they come together around an issue that they have in common - the desire to see fresh food in Barre and the conviction that everyone should have access to fresh food at a fair price no matter who you are, where you live, or what your income.

So, with that, here's to the first 60 owners in no particular order!  Please welcome the first 60 owners of Granite City Grocery - the households of:

Bob Murphy

Chris Riddell

Dave Stonecliffe
Linda Seel
Jim Donovan
Pam Chomsky-Higgins
Linda Larivee
Darlene Nunn
Marc Weissman
Diane Burrington
Rick Prince
Pat McDonald
Katherine Fanelli
Andy Robinson
Bobbie Sargent
Bruce Merrill
Carol Dawes
Christina Shaw
Clay Whitney
Cynthia Wedding
Dan Whitcomb
Dianna Hayford
George Milne
George Plumb
Georgeanna Stapleton
Greg Fuller
Gudrun Noetzold
Heather Powell
Hollie Friot
Jerome Hatch
Jessica LaCasse
James Hart
Johnnie Stones
Katharina W. Mack
Brian Lane-Karnas
Malcolm Gray
Mark Yorra
Meg Bardossi
Michelle Paul
Nancy Hanson
Nicole Moran
Paul Hutchins
Peter Anthony
Phyllis Sawyer
Rossie Conklin
Sandi Phelan
Schuyler Gould
Steve Finner
Steve Gould
Toni Hartrich
Wanda French
Nancy Martin
Roni Coleman
Amy Richard
Marianne Kotch
Emily Kaminsky

Come join this growing community of people who cooperate together.  It's fun, satisfying, and important.  And, man oh man, I can't wait to shop the aisles of GCG with you - hopefully sooner rather than later!


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