2019 Board Candidates

These are the candidates for the board seats with terms expiring in 2021.  You can vote for candidates at the annual meeting on May 29 or online here.

Candidates were asked to address the following areas in their statements:

  • Current employment and work experience
  • Previous Board experience
  • What skills would you bring to the Board of Directors for Granite City Grocery (including training, education, or experience that qualifies you to sit on the Board)?
  • Why would you like to serve on GCG’s Board of Directors?
  • What is your vision for GCG 10 years down the road and what role would you play to achieve that vision?
  • Can you make commitment for the entire length of the term to the responsibilities outlined in the candidate’s packet?

Bruce Landry

Professionally my background is in energy efficiency and construction. I am a self employed Energy Consultant specializing in deep energy retrofits with the goal to eliminate fossil fuel or greatly reduce its use in residential housing.

Privately, I have always been community minded and active wherever I can help. That is why I have been involved with Habitat for Humanity and why I joined the Granite City Grocery site committee. Everyone knows we need a grocery store in Barre and I want to get involved at the board level where decisions are made about the direction the Granite City Grocery is going.

My vision is more than a grocery store but more as a community hub where people shop for food, stop for lunch, congregate at the farmers market if space is available, have forums on healthy food choices and food preparation for folks that were never exposed to healthy food. To be an activity center that brings people to Barre. 

My long-term goal is to get a store open and operational. This board will play a crucial role in the decisions that will need to be made, in a timely order. By staying focused and working together, we can make that happen.

Melissa Pecor

I am currently self employed at Quarry Kitchen & Spirits.  I started in 2011 as a server and bartender working part time around my full time job while raising 2 boys as a single mom.  My now husband and I purchased the business in 2016 and have been working diligently to increase our brand awareness as well as revenue while also trying to help make our community one that we can all be proud of.  Previously I worked in sales for a local radio station and import granite company as well as managing local fast food restaurants Dominos Pizza and Dunkin Donuts.

If elected to the Granite City Grocery board, it would be my first board member experience.  I am excited for the opportunity.

I believe my customer service, leadership and relationship building skills could be of benefit to the Granite City Grocery board.

I would like to lend a hand in the process of building and sustaining a much needed “walking distance” grocery store to our area.  Not only would it be great to be able to shop there ourselves, but to be able to recommend others to shop there.  The need for Granite City Grocery is no more evident to me than when I see locals “grocery shopping” at convenience stores. 

I would love to see Granite City Grocery as a place where EVERYONE feels welcome and can afford to do their household grocery shopping.   I am open to suggestion as to how my experience and expertise can benefit the Granite City Grocery going forward.

Stefano Coppola


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