2014 Annual Meeting Report!

On Wednesday, June 25th, 40 GCG owners gathered at the First Presbyterian Church for the 2014 Annual Meeting.  Delicious munchies from volunteers and sweets from Honey Lamb Bakery (Tedra Knauss) were on hand as well as music entertainment from the Myers Family.


Chris Riddell delivers the Annual Report.


The highlights of the report included:

- 470 owners achieved to date, 70 of them signed up in the last two months due to the owner recruitment campaign.

- funding request sent to USDA for a planning grant to help fund additional consulting hours and our owner recruitment coordinator.

- a variety of outreach events this spring continued to keep our name in circulation; phonathons and farmers market tabling not only kept our name in the public view but engaged and mobilized our owners as volunteers.

- upcoming activities include Barre Heritage Festival activities (parade and tabling), July and August cook-togethers, October co-op month activities, and ongoing site analysis.

After the report, owners gathered in groups of three to discuss site selection, ownership recruitment, and finance/fundraising.  A renewed sense of direction on owner recruitment was felt at each table with ideas coming from each table about ways to get the word out. Everything from having a "thermometer" downtown showing our progress to having an owner testimony photo campaign.


Tedra Knauss, Phil Gentile and Ben Kaminsky.


A view from the back.


Chris giving the report.


Breakout groups.


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