2013 Election Timeline

election_ballot.jpg Granite City Grocery's Board of Directors has approved an Election Timeline.  Want to know how it will all play out?  Here's your play-by-play!  This is especially helpful for candidates for Board of Directors. 

Questions? Call us at 802/279-7518 or email [email protected]!

Election Timeline

Friday, October 11

Director Candidate Package available for download on granitecitygrocery.coop.  Interested owners can also request a Package by calling 802/279-7518 or emailing [email protected]

Friday, October 18

All applications for Director must be emailed to [email protected] by midnight or postmarked by this date.

Wednesday, October 23 or Thursday, October 24

Required meet-and-greet for all Director candidates with GCG's Nominating Committee.  This serves as a candidate orientation and a chance to meet current board directors and ask questions.

Monday, October 28

Board of Directors' Special Meeting to review and accept the slate of nominees and to set the ballot for the election.  The ballot will not only include candidates for Directors but also our Bylaws.

Tuesday, October 29

Last day for individuals who want to become owners and be able to vote in the 2013 election to submit their owner agreement and make their first payment to become an owner.  Agreements and payments must be received by this date so that GCG can have a complete list to mail out notices the following day.  Per Section 3.5 of our Interim Rules, "...only persons who are owners at the close of business on the day immediately preceding the date of distribution of notices shall be entitled to notice and to vote with respect to the subject of such notice."

Wednesday, October 30

Ballots are mailed to all owners.

Friday, November 15

All mailed ballots must be received at GCG's PO Box by this date.  There is also the opportunity to cast your vote at the Annual Meeting which will happen on the evening of Friday, November 15 (time/location tbd).  Any ballots received by mail after the 15th are invalid.  Ballots mailed in and cast at the Annual Meeting will be counted prior to and at the Annual Meeting by a team of GCG owner volunteers.


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